Saturday, January 14, 2006 - Preparing to make the switch - Preparing to make the switch:

"'Stephen Harper scares me. I just don't know why.'"

When fear replaces love, it leaves a void. How intelligent.


Anonymous said...




Because we need to be free of governments that take our money and make us take care of each other. Each person should stand up for themselves!

A few hundred dollars of extra cash in our bank accounts to do what we want with, is more important than our social freedoms. Monetary freedom, freedom from taxes, that's where it's at!

We do however, need some strong social changes. That's right! We cannot manage our own moral code, or go by the law - we must vote on how WE want to see our neighbours and ourselves run our lives. We must, at all costs, follow a Christian philosophy - because if we don't, we know God will come and strike us all dead and we will go to hell. And we must protect each other from hell.

So we should get rid of abortion laws. That is right! Women should not be allowed abortion in any form or for any reason because it is death to a potential future Canadian. We don't want to have any more terrorist immigrants, we want to have this country for ourselves!

No equal rights for women either. If women are good enough to do a man's job, then they can get whatever pay they are worth.

We should eliminate same sex marriage. That is an abomination of God's will. A man and a woman - who are able to procreate are the only true married people in this country. All others are an abomination of marriage.

We should join our beloved friends and neighbours, the USA in support of their foreign policies. It is an embarassment that we did not send our troups to Iraq. It would not be such a mess there right now, if we had gone in with our troops as well. More countries would have supported the USA and we would have iradicated the Iraqi terrorist peoples. American people should own the oil reserves because they need it the most. It would be a disaster to those people who have built the country and who make a profit on these oil concerns and all related lobbyists, if they did not have control over these resources.

Canada has resources and oil, and together, with the USA, we could become one great nation of 'North America' - and run the world with democracy and capitalism! We could eradicate terrorism, and have world peace because everyone would finally be Christians and saved by our lord saviour, Jesus Christ. The one true god.

Canada should join the US in their plan to provide defense to all of North America. It is a generous offer of the US to protect us with their Star Wars plan. It will give our science and technology people jobs! We should arm ourselves with nuclear weapons across this great nation of ours, because we know that terrorists live in our country and cross our borders all the time to plot their nefarious deeds.

We should fully support the US in their torture of these criminals - get the information we need out of them before it's too late! Do you forget the horror of 9/11? Do we want that to happen here? We should protect ourselves before it happens. We should join with the powerful countries of this world and eradicate all those who stand against us.

We should no longer support farmers, they live on the government dime. We can get our food from the US, as they have a much better system than ours. We can also stop this mad cow disease that we are spreading. Farmers are a drain. We could put that money into the oil companies and corporations that really support this country in the world. There are many US corporations and US ownership of Canada. We should be supporting them and building those businesses that actually give the lower class Canadian jobs - get the bums off welfare.

I believe that Stephen Harper has it right when he says we are a welfare state. We need to stop the hand outs. No more welfare, no more employment insurance! No more universal healthcare! It has to stop. Don't you see how this takes away your self-respect? It forces you to help some bum who can't help himself. Let them die on the street, that's what evolution is all about, right? You can't have it both ways you liberal pussies! You don't want to believe that our God made this world in 7 days, you want us to believe in 'survival of the fittest' - but you won't prune the flock, so to speak.

Canada should also not support legalizing marijuana! It makes us a laughing stock, a JOKE to the rest of the world. Do we want people to see Canada like we all see BC? As a bunch of stoners? BC is a joke to the rest of Canada. Marijuana should be banned completely, even for medical uses. There are other pain killing medications out there that are legal. People should use those. And if they are dying anyway, what difference does it make, really?

There is far too much crime on the streets in this country!!! I believe the idea of more military in the streets would be a real positive deterrent. It would also help beef up our military. They should be for crime fighting, not just 'peace keeping'. We should also legalize hand guns so people can protect themselves! And it is crazy how the registration process stops someone from getting a gun that fast. Criminals have guns with no problems. Why criminalize people who just want to protect themselves and their families?

We should also cut military spending. Harper has said he will cut these government over expenditures. They keep buying crap for the military. I think they should blend the Canadian and US troops into one great military force. That will be the best savings to the country. But they should beef up the military and make it manditory for all Canadians 18 years of age to join the military for at least a year of training. We need to be a more disciplined force in this world.

We should also cut all the handouts to small business. Most of them go under anyway. We need to support the big guns and beef up support to the big corporations. That's where the future is at. When they own all the resources in the world, we will oust all terrorists and backword religious factions and have complete control. Then God can come and we can finally have a world of peace and righteousness.

This is my vision of Canada. A nation of righteousness, working together with its neighbours, standing up for its own citizens, encouraging them to stand up for themselves, taking a stand in this world of ours. Stand up for Canada. A vote for Stephen Harper is a vote for the love of God almighty.

Yours truly,

A concerned Canadian who loves this country and God

Anonymous said...

This isn't a hoax. These are my views and I just posted it yesterday. I would be sincerely amazed if it appeared on the Peter Warren show that fast.

I was hoping to get your support on the key issues that affect Canada.

I enjoy your blog very much.

Jonathan said...

You must be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this person has too much time on their hands. If you are going to criticize through satire at least use brevity to spare our respect for the art.