Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Toronto Star did not just print that - Conservatives' rise in popularity has been driven by Canada's elite, not majority, says Linda McQuaig:
"For years, most Canadians have resisted the extreme strain of conservatism that Harper has represented, considering it at odds with goals like tolerance and diversity, social inclusion and equality, as well as internationalism, the United Nations and the rule of law."

Do she know ANYTHING about conservativism? The rule of law is precisely why conservatives are suspicious of the Courts. The rule of law is associated with predictability, something which leftists feel is expedient for the sake of liberal results. The rule of law is the rule of history, not some extreme strain of conservativism. Email her here:


Anonymous said...

Hey, CHECK THIS OUT! It’s a ‘Godfather’ spoof election video: that just got released.

It’s not your typical TV political ad – very funny and creative. Let me know what you all think…

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse yourselves with being libertarians. You are distressed about what other people do when it doesn't mesh with your "Christian" values.

A true libertarian lives and lets live.

You may have be streaked with libertarianism but you don't want to get rid of government as much as you want to get rid of a governing system that you don't like.

You want to abide by the law only if it meets your narrowly defined viewpoints. You want to live in a Christian theocracy.

At least have the decency and courage to be honest about that.

Jonathan said...

anon: who are you talking about? It has nothing to do with Christianity or libertarianism.

Decency and courage? I have both. Yet, in no way do legal conservatives with to live in a theocracy. It is a misnomer. You give no evidence.

Anonymous said...

Evidence? You need to ask for evidence?

Rondo Thomas for starters. You can't disown him if you allow him in the Conservative party. Do you really believe the world is only 6000 years old? Because if you do, we cannot possibly have rational dialogue..

Then how about these other Conservative candidates who are right wing Christian players? Look at these 20 Conservative candidates with links to Right Wing American Groups.

Now, if read the article in Walrus Magazine by Marci McDonald about Stephen Harper and his advisors, Tom Flanagan and Barry Cooper - both right wing Americans, can you possibly tell me that the Conservatives are not closely aligned to right wing religious ideology?