Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wall Street Journal - Mark Steyn on Canada

This just about sums things up:
"And yet and yet . . . in throwing the bums out, Canadian voters declined to subject them to full-scale humiliation. Even with viable alternatives for all tastes--conservative, socialist and Quebec separatist--it seems one can never underestimate the appeal of a party of floundering discredited kleptocrat incompetents led by a vindictive empty suit who fought one of the most inept campaigns in modern political history. They clung on to over 100 seats and the votes of Canada's three biggest cities. Truly, the Liberals are one of the most amazingly resilient parties this side of Kim Jong-Il's."


Blair said...

They are indeed resilient, but I don't think that their praise should be sung too loudly. As a proud Candaian I regretfully remind the world that our international caricature (the nice but not too bright neighbour) is not terribly embellished.

In my mind, one of the greatest reasons that the Liberal Party (especially under Martin's rule) appeared so 'resilient' was more truly due to Canadian reticence to make a powerful political statement--even if the content therein includes accountable government.

It is odd that Canadians get so much joy out of asserting ourselves against America, while blindly playing into the hands of corrupt government.

Canadians were not happy with Martin's Liberals, which was shown by removing them from power. Nonetheless, lack of foresight, expressing itself as temperance, makes the Liberals appear 'resilient'. I prefer to see the now official opposition Liberal party as the unfortunate residue of Canadian complacency and blindness. Fortunately the scales are falling from our eyes--ever so slowly, but ever so surely.

Anonymous said...

What is resilient is the Liberal IDEA .. You can't stop progress ..
Regressive ideas are not going To be the future..
look at the world.. You can't stop the Wold ..