Sunday, February 12, 2006

Andrew Coyne strikes back

Andrew Coyne has a very thoughtful response to most of the arguments that I raise here and here. I encourage everyone who is interested in laws banning MP switching from party-to-party to read his post:
"A clever riposte to those who want to ban MPs from switching parties is to bring up the question of free votes. Isn't an MP who votes against the party line just like one who crosses the floor? Shouldn't that be forbidden, too, in the name of holding MPs accountable to the voters who elected them?"

I will let it simmer and respond to this in good time. I gotta give it to Andrew; he is well thought out, principled, and not afraid of any opposing strong arguments. I like that. More later.

In the meantime, read the questions that I posed earlier that are somewhat 'answered' by Coyne in his post, most notably number 2 and 3:

1) :: Should we hold a by-election every time an MP falls behind, in popular support, to another candidate?
2) :: Should we hold a by-election every time an MP votes against his party?
3) :: Should we hold a by-election every time an MP acts with his own judgment rather than what a survey indicates constituents want?

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CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

Harper & Emerson Saga – Who’s Next to be Fired? Turner?
Seems the issue just isn’t a simple question of “some superficial criticism”. It has become a litmus test of the foundation values of the “new” Conservative Party under the leadership of the “new” Stephen Harper.
Now it seems the Tory governing clique are about to turn on their own, for daring to criticize The Leader for breaking a fundamental Tory promise.
Calgary Sun – Rick Bell:
“Garth, the newly elected MP for the Toronto-area riding of Halton, has been told to shut up for daring to question the party even when they go against their own principles. He says he isn't shutting up. He might get the boot. This threat comes from a party preaching greater freedom for individual MPs. ...With such a predicament, will he remain a Tory MP? "At the moment. I hope I'll be allowed to stay. I wasn't looking for a fight but we have a political establishment here who doesn't tolerate anything. People want change. Is the establishment so out of touch with individual Canadians?" “

Now wait a minute folks: A Tory MP voices concern about his leader’s questionable decision, and is now facing possible dismissal? Surely, if anyone should be dismissed, it is Emerson, not Turner? Just how dictatorial is the new PM?