Friday, February 10, 2006

Garth Turner p.2

I am not the only one who thinks Turner has been digging himself into a grave, rather than Andrew Coyne's assessment that Turner has been sentenced for "for the crime of calling the Conservative party back to its senses."

Sage editor Ezra Levant has these wise words:

Back to reality, please. This is a showboat MP acting out -- someone who resents not being in cabinet, who expected that he would be. He knows that he can get as much airtime as a cabinet minister if he dishes his own party, all in the name of democracy.

I repeat, for the benefit of critics of the cabinet appointments, that there are legitimate criticisms to be made. But what Turner is doing -- at this early stage, in this showy manner -- is not genuine, constructive criticism. It is undermining; it is fomenting; it is splitting. There might be a time or an issue for such desperate measures. This is not it.


Is a showy, public venting of a disagreement more important the the resultant weakening of the party's ability to govern? Or is this just Turner scratching his own political itch for fawning press?

Well said.


Gary McHale said...

PM Harper is continuing to apply pressure to MP Garth Turner for opposing the Turncoat Emerson. This pressure according to Mr. Turner has been done via other Conservative MPs as well as a direct meeting with PM Harper.

Since Mr. Turner has clearly stated his principled position on this matter, PM Harper’s continued effort to silence him will not go over well. Mr. Turner is receiving a lot of support on this issue both in his riding and by Conservatives around the country.

Considering that Mr. Turner’s position has a great deal of support does it make any sense to turn Garth into a Martyr?

The stated point of this blog is to Remove Emerson – not to harm the party or PM Harper. Any harm so far has come as a direct result of PM Harper’s actions that he should have known were directly against many Conservative MPs. Further harm will come because PM Harper has not corrected the problem and now is attempting to turn Conservative MPs into ‘Liberal backbencher Yes’ men.

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Crawford Kilian said...

What's so wise about Levant's name-calling? When he starts ranting about "splitting," he sounds like a Maoist.

All Turner has demonstrated is that actions have consequences. Commit a foul, and someone's going to blow the whistle on you. And if that makes it "harder to govern," blaming the whistleblower only demonstrates that you don't deserve to govern in the first place.

Jonathan said...

I think my point is that people like the media and Turner are making this into an issue that is blown way out of proportion. I can't remember the Stronach defection even getting people this upset.

At any rate, I think the new IPSOS poll confirms that most people do not think it reflects badly on the government. And that Turner's speaking out is just an ego trip, while based on principle, has primarly served his own interests.