Friday, February 10, 2006 : Controversy dogs Emerson move : Controversy dogs Emerson move:
"Former Liberal David Emerson's defection to the Conservatives two weeks after last month's election continued to generate controversy Thursday, with at least one new caucus colleague saying he still thinks voters should have a say when a politician crosses the floor.

'I said during the campaign that I think anyone who crosses the floor ultimately should go back to the people for ratification and I stick by it,' Ontario Conservative Garth Turner told reporters in Ottawa."

What's done is done. I can't believe this is still making news headlines. Tories just need to go into hibernation mode while they still can. And of course this fellow Turner is killing his chances in the Party. You don't go around openly exploiting an open wound to the media. They thrive on it. The Liberals thrive on it.

If this Emerson controversy has done anything, it has pitted Tories against themselves - a bad thing. It was obviously a bad political move on Harper's part, no matter how good of a minister he is.

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