Thursday, February 02, 2006

Harvard: Ignatieff Wins Parliament Seat

This just goes to show the deepening cleavage between academia and reality:
"Randall Morck, visiting professor of Canadian studies at Harvard, said Ignatieff will be “a breath of fresh air” to the Liberal Party, which has a solid shot of obtaining a majority in the next election. "

A majority? Fat chance. Where are the 52 Liberal seats going to come from? The West? Quebec? The only remaining place that they can realistically pick up seats is Ontario, where even if they were to win every seat from the Tories, they would still fall a dozen short of a majority.

Which answers the question of why Manley, Tobin, and McKenna likely do not want to be the Liberal leader at this time. No prospects but opposition.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that no one comments on your blog so you come on blogs such as the Mblog and try to make a mess of things.

Jonathan said...

"My blog is bigger than your blog!!!"

Maybe you are right. I shouldn't comment on any blog bigger than myself.

And...let's see... maybe people who write letters to the editor should own big newspapers before sending letters to the editor at other papers.