Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It takes a village to raise a child

Jason Cherniak strikes again. Read the bold part of the excerpt below. Am I missing something here? Is he saying that people will be impressed by the fact that Dryden spoke to a small group of people passionately without cameras? :

Dryden is the sort of guy who will get the benefit of the doubt from Canadians.

Yet, how many people know that Ken Dryden was taking law school exams while winning the Stanley Cup? How many people outside of politics know that he negotiated child care agreements with all the provinces (possibly the most tangible accomplishment of the Paul Martin government)? How many people have heard Ken Dryden give a passionate speech to a small group without cameras? Dryden is the sort of person whose record will actually be news to people.


Jason Cherniak said...

Very funny. I am saying that he has the ability to speak well and just needs to get used to being infront of more intrusive media.

Jonathan said...

Ah...makes a bit more sense now.

The way it read made it sound like talking to small groups without cameras around would make him a great leader.

Anonymous said...

well I have not heard him ... But I read a prea -election
"kind of manifesto' he wrote and Circulated .... and I was extremely impressed with him..
/I am a Liberal ... and now I am Twice as liberal as I ever was./