Saturday, February 04, 2006

A letter I wrote to the Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun editorial ("Cartoon Furore") misses the point by suggesting we need to strike a balance between freedoms and responsibility by being "mindful of potential consequences when publishing" controversial cartoons.

But this is simply giving in to fear of violence. Apparently, the Vancouver Sun can be bullied. Canada is a free secular society not ruled by any particular religious dogma. Shouldn't we be free to express ourselves, insulting to others or not, without fear of violence? If we can't be, we aren't as "free" as we think.

As a June 2002 Vancouver Sun editorial headlined, "A free speech umbrella shelters even ugly ideas." It wisely wrote that "[T]he first victims of censorship are rarely the seedy exploiters but the creators of serious art, provocative literature, political dissent and challenging religious thought."

I suggest that they go read their own editorial again.

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