Friday, February 03, 2006

Liar Liar Pants on Fire? :: mblog: July 2005:

"I am, for the record, not against dissenting opinions whatsoever. In fact, the more diverse a discussion the better."

After spending the last day or so commenting on Matthew Good blog, I am out. Out because I am most definately not wanted there. Apparently civil dissent is now given the more pejorative terms "hate filled rhetoric" and "Christian fluff." I would have been glad to post our conversation here. But alas, it has been censored and deleted. Oh well.

Thus, a word of warning: you may be run out of town too if you aren't one of his cheerleaders. Mr. Good is a real intelligent fellow. He has good diction. And is very perceptive. So even if you don't comment, he is a good dose to read now and then.

Here at the Pew, we believe in dissent. We believe in evidence. We believe in civil discourse. Yes we will delete comments that are illegal (ie. libel, threats) and we will delete comments that are unthoughtful and uncivil (ie. Bush is a stupidhead!). But we will not delete them if you simply disagree with us and tell us why that is the case. Just be civil about it. Attack the argument, not the person. And the rest is history. Take it away Spinoza:

"Men, as generally constituted, are most prone to resent the branding as criminal of opinions which they believe to be true, and the proscription as wicked of that which inspires them with piety towards God and man; .... Such being the constitution of human nature, we see that laws directed against opinions affect the generous minded rather than the wicked, and are adapted less for coercing criminals than for irritating the upright; so that they cannot be maintained without great peril to the state"

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