Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The lies they peddle

For the past week or so, the media has been peddling a steady stream of narrative: Canadians clearly wanted a minority Conservative government; one that is restrained and limited by other parties.

Of course, Canadians don't collectively desire any particular outcome by virtue of their votes. They don't collectively say...let's vote the Tories in...but only so much. In reality, no one knows who their neighbour votes for. And the outcome is pretty much like rolling dice. Who knows what will happen?

It is no vast media conspiracy, this idea of a preferred Canadian minority. It is probably a coping mechanism. All those who didn't vote for a Conservative need some solace, some comfort that their fellow Canadians surely wouldn't put someone as right-wing radical as Scary Stephen. For those that can't cope, there is a measure of shock. In Quebec, the Conservative win has shocked even fellow Quebecers, who thought change was not possible.

But change is possible. Change occured. And before people forget about it. This election, according to Ekos, Canadians wanted a Conservative Majority government more than any other option. Next election, beware. The "scary Conservative majority" has lost the scare appeal it once had.

For once, the Liberals might actually have to think of new refreshing ideas to entice voters.

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Whistling in the Dark?? hahaha i feel for you.