Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mohammad Cartoons published 5 months ago in Egypt to a whimper

Those Danish Cartoons depicting Mohammad were re-printed 5 months ago in an Egyptian newspaper. Also see here.

You heard correctly, 5 months ago in an Arab country. No violence. No Danish or Norwegian flag burnings. No "Death to Europe" chants on the streets. No priest killed in Turkey.

....Which goes to show that these riots are a farce. A show. And the West has sopped it up and done nothing but appease the people putting on the show.

Postscript. The Egyptian blogger who posted the Egyptian newspaper scans comments:
If Denmark resigned to the war launched by Muslim Arabs to receive apology from the government of Denmark, I am sorry to say that Denmark will simply be saying we do not believe in what we stand for. Denmark will be sending the message that we apply freedom of expression but we do not really believe in it.

Denmark will be sending the message around the world that Arab citizens who are ruled by the one party, president for life regimes and state-owned press and writers are imposing their lack of freedom on the free world, hence the prevailance of the culture of oppression, tyranny and ideologies of hatred.

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