Monday, February 06, 2006

See what havoc those Muslim cartoons are creating

Judging from the traffic we and other websites are getting, people really want to see those Muslim cartoons. You know, the ones Western newspapers aren't printing because they are afraid of provoking violence. The same ones who believe in freedom of expression.

The traffic suggests it also might be a good way to sell papers.


Blair said...

I just don't understand why this would have created so much craziness. It seems to me that there are many other things worth rioting about besides some cartoons that, when it comes down to it, aren't all that offensive. For crying out loud we make more fun of our own politicians...

I don't think it is worth getting all crazy about. We can talk about how stupid these people are for rioting, but evidently they aren't going to listen to us anyways.... I just don't understand the whole thing.

I can tell you what will happen next though: more craziness... perhaps riots over the price of fish in Japan? Maybe we can also get angry at the Japanese for over-reacting....

Don't get it? Neither do I.

Anonymous said...

Europeans seem to misunderstand 2 fundamental things with this cartoon issue. This issue is about ignorance and common decency.
Europeans don’t seem to understand how powerful religious belief is in the Muslim world. You insult Islam, you insult ALL Muslims. This is considered a personal attack to every Muslim. Are there no laws in Europe denigrating a person’s faith? This shows ignorance.
The 2nd point that seems to elude the European press is freedom of expression. Does that also mean the freedom to offend? It seems to me when you offend someone you have 2 choices….either you apologize for the offence or you don’t give a dam about the others feelings and you just continue whatever you did that gave offence. Do the former and the offence is usually quickly forgiven. But if you chose to do the latter and reoffend because you feel you are free to say whatever you want, then you will also have to accept the consequences… a punch to the face!.....and that’s exactly what Muslims around the world are doing right now! Now if the European press were sensitive to and respected other peoples’ religious beliefs and it wasn’t done intentionally (but out of ignorance), then what do you think would be the decent thing to do?