Monday, February 06, 2006 - Why has a cartoon turned into a crisis? - Why has a cartoon turned into a crisis?:
"This context shows there is a great deal of mutual ignorance. However, it does not prove any inherent incompatibility between Muslims and non-Muslims, as extremists on both sides would have us believe."

Oh no? There may not be any inherent incompatibility with Muslims and non-Muslims. But why such a one sided demand for respect from the West? I mean, wild anti-semetic cartoons are common in Arabia. Compatibility between people essentially boils down to mutual tolerance - something that isn't happening at the moment.

Whenever "mutual respect" is uttered in this context, it typically means respect from the West.

The violence just goes to show how unready some of these people are to be assimilated into the West. I mean, were the French riots this past year only the beginning?

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