Friday, July 15, 2005

Credit Card hysteria

Ever wondered if people care about your signature on your credit card receipts? Go here to see how far one man went to find out.

My favourite one is Experiment 4, where he credits himself 2 dollars -instead of adding 2 dollars - because the "service sucked", which is what he wrote in the signature line.

Student of law gets web-award for being greatest theologian

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pro-life rids world of dictators

crazy pro-lifer
Where have all the criminals gone? argues quite well that abortion cuts crime.

But to support that fact, the authors take a look at the Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and argue that it was his pro-life policy that was his undoing. It was the kids who were likely slated for an abortion, they argue, that executed Ceausescu 23 years later.

Therefore, because a dictator's pro-life policy killed that same dictator, abortion should be legalized as it helps to cut down on violent crime... like dictator killing.

Abortion cuts crime, but pro-life cuts dictatorships?

A Christian's duty to vote for the dictator?

Even within the pseudo-democracy of Zimbabwe where a less dictatorial opposition could potentialy be elected in to power, this man of faith finds it his duty to vote for Mugabe.

"I encourage them to read their lessons from the Bible, for that will give them the strength to continue.

And I tell them stories about how I fought in the liberation struggle. I feel the young have forgotten how Zanu-PF brought us our freedom.

I teach them that in African culture, we respect our elders.

For this reason, I explain, I could never support the opposition for I remember what our president has won for us, even if I don't agree with everything he's done since."

- from From BBC Online.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who is responsible for this?

One boy was kept in a chicken coop, and parasites ate out his eye. Another was found living in a toilet pit. One was accused of being a witch after his parents died of Aids - he is HIV-positive too.
BBC Online has posted a report on Angolan children who are victims of exorcisms and religiously and medically excused maltreatment.

Who is to blame for this atrocity?
> religion?
> the state?
> a western sensitivity towards non western views?
> me or you?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

To the Sun

Dear Editor,

I read your coverage of the Harry Potter Court order with great interest.

Ultimately, I was disappointed in the decision by the BC Court.

Perhaps I did not read the fine print, but could some lawyer or judge
explain to me what pre-existing legal rule prevents people who legally
bought this book from Superstore to not talk about what is inside the