Wednesday, May 18, 2005

They were laughing at your Prime Minister

A CTV article picture caption reads:
"Prime Minister Paul Martin shares a laugh with reporters during the press conference Tuesday in Ottawa."
Reporters weren't laughing with him, they were laughing at him for attempting to earnestly say that Belinda's move to the Liberals had nothing to do with Thursday's vote.

How does this move really help the Liberals, asks the Western Standard:
This is, I've heard, incredibly frustrating to loyal Liberals who have toiled in the backbenches since 1993 and with no reward or recognition. I'm told a few are seriously considering ways to embarass their prime minister including possibly being back in their ridings on Thursday. I still find it unlikely to unfold this way but it is more believable than it would have been 24 hours ago.
I wonder what more conservative liberals like Paul Szabo think of his party. I suppose job security is important to him though.


mwj said...
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mwj said...

Unfortunately, he's laughing too.