Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ah, the good old days, when everyone hated the media but had no other news source

Someone at the Ottawa, Citizen is bitter that blogs are ruining their sport.
News stories regularly quote bloggers commenting on the latest political issue -- not just famous bloggers, or those involved in the game, but ordinary guys with blogs, sometimes even anonymous guys making postings on other peoples' blogs. If these ordinary guys were shouting on the street corner, their views would go unmarked...

People we will never hear of again, some of them anonymous or pseudonymous, got their vicious little ideas into the paper. If they had written letters to the editor and tried to use a pen name, the letters would not have been printed.


A decade ago, the most inconsequential opinions and events regularly become news because they were on the Internet. The Internet was new to us then, and everything about it was exciting. So now are the views of Mike from Mississauga and his cousins in cyberspace. It is less a question of what is said than how it is said.

'Bloody hell, who let the plebs into the club?'

As with anything new, there will probably be a maturation process that would take place with the discovery of blogs as a medium of the active populace in deliberating issues or even setting the agenda toward a nation's elections.

I wonder how unique the Canadian electorate is in their use of the blog?


Jonathan said...

I think blogs are like a market, in some cases - the better products rise to the top. While some products on the top suck, to be sure, good ideas and bad ideas are fought in the trenches. In the old way of doing things, the newspaper or the salon - today, blogs and the net.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Dam I love seeing the MSM squirm.
Just because we aren't all seasoned poll iticians and have a speach in our back pocket but rather need time and resources to compile a story in the form of a blog doesn't make our point of view any less the popular opinion in a democracy.

At least the last time I looked we were a democracy and entitled to freedom of speech.

Now as for a Federation that is a whole different story. Our present country is more like Empire Ontario and Colonies. With Ontario having over 1/3 of the available 308 seats with 106. The Senate doesn't help like it should with once again it's being stacked along party lines and the Supreme court doesn't even represent the views, ideals ,morals and ethics of all Canadians. NL which is Canada's youngest colony has yet to have a Senator appointed and is lumped in with NS, NB, and PEI. I'm sorry but I am neither a Blue Nose, Loyalist nor an Islander I'm a Born and Breed Newfoundland and Labradorian!