Sunday, February 12, 2006

Liberals contemplate quick comeback after disastrous first week for Harper - Yahoo! News

'We're going to oppose those measures that we find are not in the interests of Canada and Canadians and we'll oppose them all the way,' Graham said.

'And if that leads to the government falling, it's going to lead to the government falling. And the way they're making their decisions it's clear that could happen earlier rather than later just given the nature of what they're doing.'

Harper plunged his fledgling regime into turmoil with some unusual choices for his cabinet which cast doubt on his election pledge to run a more accountable, ethical administration. - Liberals contemplate quick comeback after disastrous first week for Harper - Yahoo! News:

Am I missing something? Is the situation really that dire?


Anonymous said...

Yes sir It is.. that dire
it is only natural the country will quickly adjust . The conservatives are unmasked ..they are not representing the vast majority of this Country.
Canada is a Progressive society and that is all about it..

Erik Sorenson said...

Anon, dream on.

CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

Harper and the rights of voters – Emerson’s way out for the PM?

By now Harper must be wondering if the “superficial criticism” he anticipated is stronger than he thought it would be. Given the “legs” this story has, Harper must be seeking for a way out this mess he and Emerson – along with a few (now hiding in the bushes?) Tory advisors – have created. His choices are rather limited. Should he tough it out and wait for it to blow over? Should he ask his newest and bestest buddy David E to resign and run again? Try something else (like: I thought he was Tory all the time; I am horrified to learn that he was a Liberal. Somebody should have told me that! Must I do everything around here? No – maybe that would not work).

But today Emerson gave Harper the opening he needs:

In the press: “Emerson bridled at the comparison. “If you’re equating the Grewal situation with mine, I take great offence,” he told reporters. But he said he would abide by the findings of any probe by the ethics commissioner’s office. “If I’m found to be guilty of wrongdoing I will leave,” Emerson said.”

Well said, David!

Why not speak to the PM and suggest that:

• you would voluntarily have the facts – all the facts and nothing but the facts – laid before the Ethics Commissioner;

• you would agree to an accelerated hearing by the Ethics Commissioner, with a result expected by no later than, say, March 31 (after all, the facts are few);

• you would not act as cabinet member until the finding; and

• if the Commissioner finds against you, you will resign and the PM will hold a by-election by, say, May 15.

Of course, Emerson should run in that by-election.

What an honourable way out of the dilemma he has helped create.

Good man, David.