Monday, February 06, 2006 - Harper debuts his team - Harper debuts his team:
Key members of the new cabinet
# Jim Flaherty, Finance
# Peter MacKay, Foreign Affairs
# David Emerson, Int'l Trade
# Tony Clement, Health
# Gordon O'Connor, Defence
# Vic Toews, Justice
# Rona Ambrose, Environment
# Stockwell Day, Public Safety
# Monte Solberg, Citizenship
# Maxime Bernier, Industry
# John Baird, Treasury Board
# Rob Nicholson, Democratic Reform"

Yup, that's right. David Emerson is staying on. He crossed the floor.


Gary McHale said...

New Blog to Remove Emerson

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have had to renounce his Liberal membership to join cabinte. I think that is short sighted.

If Harper had welcomed him into the Cabinet even remaining as a Liberal it would have been much much more positive.

I would also liked to have seen a BQ member used in the Cabinet in a fashion that wouldn't "Conflict" them.

As for the remove Emerson efforts... Good Luck.

Harper never called for Stronach to resign her post. But I believe he said that it would be more palatable if she had sat as an independant.