Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shall we make those ribbons maroon, boys?

One ought not to say in general that a man is obsessed with his crotch. For if this were true, one would need to account for the disproportionate number of men that die of prostate cancer over women from breast cancer every year. I say, men, take hede: it is time that you became more attentive to the radical otherness of that which dwells in the South and give it what it deserves - consult your friendly neighbourhood Economist for details.
"Prostate cancer is far more common in men than breast cancer is in women. Yet the public awareness of the two diseases could not be more different. Women have their mammograms, their ultrasounds, pink-ribbon days, designer T-shirts and celebrity-awareness campaigns. Like breast cancer, cancer of the prostate is treatable if caught early enough. Unlike breast cancer, it is also completely curable. Yet more men in America and in Britain still develop prostate cancer—and more die of it—than any other cancer other than that of the lungs. Why so?"

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