Friday, April 08, 2005

Al Gore shuts down CBC Newsworld

and only now has CTV received permission to do what they want with their Newsnet channel.

While the news report on the CBC business page is entitled "CBC to shut down Newsworld" the reality depicted by the article, further down, is that Al Gore is shutting down CBC Newsworld. Him and the group of investors that he represents successfuly purchased an operating chunk of CBC Newsworld from Vivendi in 2004. Vivendi, also not Canadian.

For one, I thought there were ownership rules governing Canadian media that demanded an operating share to be owned by Canadians. For two, what is part of a government run media outlet doing in Al Gore's hands?

Apparently, Gore is going to ressurect the channel and call it the "Current" - a "youth-oriented" news channel that will somehow gain programming from user input off of the internet. Well, here's my contribution as someone of the youth-orientation.

While this is my contribution - check out the CBC Board of Directors contribution to not only coverage of the Gomery case but also to the coiffeurs of the Liberal Party.


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Unreal contribution pie chart...glad to hear summer's coming early to Saskatchewan though, would've hated to miss that breaking news story.

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