Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Charges against Canadian blogs?

What Free Trade did to the Neanderthals may just be what the Internet will do to the Liberals and their luddite comrades.

The Attorney General is apparently considering to charge Canadian blogs. Excuse me? Anyone can go to a search engine, type in "Gomery leaked" and come to a US based blog and find the same thing. Stopping Canadians stops nothing. Actually, come to think of it, is telling people how to find the information the same as linking?

Moreover, if it is already out there doesn't a ban on links or means to find the information mean that only an internet savy elite are allowed to have potentially powerful information?

And what about all those people that just happened and will happen to go to the US site in question on a regular basis for their news?

And what are they going to do about the Globe and Mail who give people a key phrase to search up? Three guesses where "Captain Ed" will take you too when you google it?

Blogs are becoming a threat to the ruling it would seem - threatening the media and politicians. To put it more bluntly, discourse is becoming a threat to the ruling powers.

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jawcey said...

wow. this stuff is really interesting. just read your earlier post on this and followed some of the links and news bits...a blog ban? hmmm...also appreciate this, because i was in the dark with the whole Adscam thing...good to be enlightened. thanks!