Monday, April 04, 2005

An exercise to prove we're prepared, I mean...

So the US, together with Canada and the UK, are running a major anti-terrorist exercise.

The BBC selected a fantastic quote from
US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff:

"The point of this [the exercise] is not to design a simulation that makes us "look good" because we were able to figure out how to pre-package everything that we wanted to do..."

Of course not and of course they would not admit something like that and of course they would not fail their own exercise miserably. It would be interesting to know how useful these exercises will really be. Hopefully all evaluations will be academic.


Jonathan said...

Well, at least it is better than some former Bush cabinet ministers who, in dismay, could not believe that terrorists haven't hit the power supply or telecommunications system yet.

Like this training excercise, I think it would be a bit counterproductive to tell terrorists exactly what they are planning to do.

Of course, this is exactly how Bill Clinton fought wars: He announced Haiti's invasion 3 days beforehand. He told Milosovic that NATO would only strike from the air. But Clinton was always a bit of a slave to forewarnings though...

Hail to the Fief indeed.

Anonymous said...

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